Release Notes

Latest Version

@kheljs/cli version: 1.0.17

  • .gitignore file is created correctly inside the generated project.
  • kheljs --version command will show the version of the cli tool correctly

Previous Version

@kheljs/cli version: 1.0.13

  • Added a number of loading screens. Please see Loading Screens page for details

Previous Version

@kheljs/cli version: 1.0.12

  • Added support for dual shock pad. The player character now can be moved with dualshock pad and actions can be added to dualshock pad buttons.

  • Added two loading screens SpinnerLoadingScreen and TextLoadingScreen. The generated game uses TextLoadingScreen class.

  • Small refactoring and renaming of classes.

  • Uses preview release of babylonjs.

  • Some fix for human-sized box which can be created using MeshHelper.CreateHumanSizedBox().