About kheljs

Kheljs is a game development platform that allows you to create games using the excellent babylonjs library. Kheljs provides a set of classes, tools and assets to use babylonjs easily and effectively. It provides the following:

  • Creates a basic application which you can run quickly and use as the starting point of development.
  • Provides an excellent asset workflow by installing assets using asset packs from an asset store.
  • Adds typescript support to your project allowing good intellisense and compile time type checking.
  • Uses a dev server based on webpack to support hot reload and iterative development.
  • Provides a solid architecture for game components and for managing inventory and game states.
  • A set of kheljs classes to facilitate quick game development.
  • Generate code for levels and other game artifacts.
  • Publish your game to a game store and make money (this is a piped dream for me)

Khlejs is meant to provide the same level of comfort and easeness found in other javascript development platforms like reactjs, vue and angular. So if you come from a background with any of these frameworks then you will feel right at home with kheljs.

Why use typescript?

Typescript provides good amount of type checking and detection of errors during development. It also lets developers to think in terms of classes, components, modules and promotes modular architecture. One of the main reasons for supporting typescript is to get better support for intellisense during coding from the editors such as VS code.

About this documentation

We intend to provide good documentation for kheljs which, we believe, is important for the adoption of any framework. To achieve this, this documentation has been divided into several guides that provides information about game topics such as scene creaion, gameplay etc. The documentation will be updated continousely to fix problems and to add clarity to topics.