Asset related commands

All asset pack related commands start with kheljs asset-pack. You can also pass a registry to the install and publish commands below with the option --registry.

Installing asset pack

kheljs asset-pack install @idutta2007/buildings

Uninstalling asset pack

kheljs asset-pack uninstall @idutta2007/buildings

Inspecting content of an asset pack

kheljs asset-pack inspect @idutta2007/buildings

Removing contents of an asset pack from project

kheljs asset-pack clear @idutta2007/buildings

Synchronizing asset pack

Copies assets from the asset pack into the project folder

kheljs asset-pack sync @idutta2007/buildings

Validating asset pack

Useful while creating an asset pack. You have to execute this command from the asset pack folder. Validation will check if the paths in the manifest file are correct and also will warn the user if some things are missing from the manifest file.

kheljs asset-pack validate

Publishing assets

It is like publishing any npm package. Execute the following command from the asset pack folder.

npm publish --access public