Generating game artifacts

You must have @kheljs/cli package installed globally on you computer to execute these commands. If you have an older version of @kheljs/cli installed on your computer, you can always upgrade by executing the commands

npm update @kheljs/cli -g

Generating the basic project

You can generate basic project for your game by using the following command

khlejs generate project projectName

Generating a game level

When you create a kheljs project, you also create the first level of the game. You can create additional levels by executing

khlejs generate level levelName

More game artifacts to follow [work in progress]

For example,

  • By specifying a template name, you can generate base code for another style of game.
  • Generate a basic player configuration file
  • Generate a basic terrain configuration file
  • Generate a set of collectibles for the game randomly located at different regions.
  • and so on.