What is an asset pack?

Asset packs allow you to install assets required by your application from an asset store and treat these packs as container of assets. This does away with the need to copy assets manually to your project folder and accessing them by specifying paths to your assets With asset packs you access assets by using an asset pack name and a name of the asset.

Asset packs are nothing but npm packages that contains a set of asset files along with a manifest file written in typescript that describes the contents of the asset pack. They can be hosted in any npm registry including private npm registries. It is even easy to create an asset pack locally and use in your project without actually publishing it to an npm registry.

For more detail about asssets, please see the Asset Guide section of this manual.

Asset store

The default application generated by kheljs cli tool uses a few asset packs hosted in npmjs.com. These asset packs are provided solely for purposes of demonstration. In future, a separate npm registry hosted on assets.kheljs.com will be created. Having a separate asset store will allow searching for assets much easier. In addition, creators of asset packs will be able to sell assets through such store.